A few words about keeping optimistic

I know I don’t post often nowadays but between working far from home, the lost hours between transportation to and fro and getting some rest I find it difficult to spend a few hours for creative purposes -and weekends are mainly for going to the beach! All that aside, I just wanted to share my inner motto the last months, which is to keep around you people that make you feel better and spend your time doing things that make you happy or relaxed. I’ve had some family issues the last months and on top of other problems like the financial/unemployment crisis and an uncertain future in this country, I have to keep myself for feeling like being in a deadend and filled with stress by focusing on what’s positive in my every day.

I suppose many of you out there have similar issues, especially when it comes to financial problems, 20-somethings in countries in crisis are probably 90% desperate, so I do my best to thing of potential solutions and focusing on a better future plan. So there, I made this image (photo source unknown, sorry for not crediting) because it’s happy and posted on my office wall it makes me feel so much more bright and optimistic inside! I’d love to hear what makes you worry/anxious/uncertain, I’m sure there are similarities everywhere in the world!

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  • My heart goes out to you while reading this post Christina, it can be difficult to maintain optimism in every day life under normal circumstances so I can imagine it's even tougher for you at the moment. Keeping yourself surrounded with love and friends is so important. I hope your family life improves and I am confident that employment and your future plan will work for you because you are driven, sending you lots of love

  • Australia is fairly stable economically, but my health is not at all stable so I have trouble finding & committing to work I can realistically do. It really stresses me out a lot sometimes, even though my parents are able to support me in my basic living. I'm all for staying positive and striving for the best possible outcome though, it really helps to keep me going!