DIY Make your own envelope!

Hello there!  I’ve been wanting to make this diy from the first envelope I made, some weeks before, but I didn’t have the time..!  As you can see, I did the whole job on the floor of my room, in front of the window because the light was very dim! BelowI have everyhting you will need. Don’t choose a thin paper because  I don’t think it will make it through the mailing process..! I got mine for 0.80€ per piece of paper! As for the envelope you’re going to use as a pattern, I browsed through my old collection of letter sets and chose one I found best. In some photos the lines of the shape don’t show clearly, but if you view the full size image I’m sure it’ll be clearer!!

I’ve made 3 or 4 of these envelopes and they look perfect! I’m sure both the recipients of my letters were really excited with them! * If you have trouble thinking how to close/seal the envelope, here’s what I did: I folded the top side inside of the envelope and to be sure, I sealed it with a label sticker (like the one above) where I wrote my address! Hope you like it!!

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