New Beginnings!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website! I’ve been away from blogging – apart from tumblr where I’m all the time – for years. The reason is that honestly, I’ve lost the interest I had in blogging back then, plus working two jobs and, you know, life. I’ve been working on my personal website for years, but practically I just kept finishing and re-starting it because I was never satisfied!

My blog’s name has changed 2-3 times but since this will be mainly my portfolio and platform for clients to check my work and contact me, I chose to just use my name. As you can see the projects in my portfolio are a few selected ones but plan to keep updating it. I’ve also kept all my old blog posts (some are from 2010 whaaaaat) because of nostalgic reasons.

Feel free to contact me for any web design or web development project! Apart from work, you can always find me on my tumblr, instagram and other social media!

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  • Your website is adorable! I’m in the exact same position as you. I’m also going to change my blog to my full name. You should keep on blogging girlfriend!