October’s start

I know it’s been 6 days since October started but I didn’t have the time to make a callendar until today! I don’t know who’s that illustrated pattern from (found it on pinterest without source) but it’s so cute! (To get the full size, you know what to do, just right click and “show image on a new tab”/”view image”)
And with October there came cold as well. One day I was wearing t-shirts and the next I’m searching me wardrobe for jackets, sweaters and tights! It’s a pity that hot drinks don’t stay warm for long in my room!

And here’s the lovely sailor drinks I got from the whitepepper! I’ve been in love with their clothes since I first came across their website but I couln’t afford a dress. Luckily I won an Asos voucher so it was much cheaper and now I’m so happy to own this beauty!

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